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Title:  Now We Can Have It
Type: Threesome
Rating: NC-17
Characters/Pairings: Tommy/Kris, Tommy/Adam, Adam/Kris, Adam/Tommy/Kris 
Summary: “So I told Adam that if he wanted me, he had to have you too.”
Notes: This is a sequel to a fic I wrote and have since deleted because it was really bad. However you don't really need to know the backstory to understand this one, so no worries there. Thanks to glambini for the beta.

Tommy pushes the door open and makes his way outside, the band has been given a fifteen minute break and Tommy takes the opportunity to get some fresh air. He just needs to get away from everyone. The sun shines down bright, but the breeze is cool and Tommy moves over to the small grass patch and collapses onto the ground, he curls his feet up under his thighs and sits cross legged on the ground. He runs his hands through his hair and tugs on the ends in frustration. On a normal day, he’d be inside with the band laughing it up and having a good time with his friends however today Adam is driving him fucking crazy, he keeps giving Tommy all these nasty glares and picking on every little thing Tommy is doing wrong, which isn’t that much but Adam is trying hard to find things, it’s complete and utter bullshit and completely uncalled for. If Tommy had to wager a guess he’d say Adam saw he and Kris at the club the other week but for that to be true Adam would have to give a fuck about who Tommy goes home with and, as horrible as that sounds and as much as it hurts, Tommy just doesn’t think that Adam does anymore.


His phone rings and jolts Tommy out of his musing. Tommy reaches into his pocket to retrieve it and smiles when he sees whose name flashes across the screen.


Hey.” He says softly into the phone.


Hey yourself, everything ok?” Tommy frowns at the question.


What makes you think something is wrong?” Tommy knows he sounds defensive but he can’t help himself.


I know that something is wrong, out with it.”


Tommy sighs deeply. “Adam is just being an ass.”


He hears a deep sigh.“That’s what Monte said,” Kris admits.


I knew this wasn’t a random call.” Tommy’s exasperation is greeted by laughter on the phone.


You caught me. Monte gave me a heads up and his text got me worried about you...” Kris just lets his words trail off and hang there. His words are buoyed by feelings: more feeling than he’d intended to share. The brief silence fills with thoughts on both sides of the phone, but it is Kris’s shaky voice that speaks up. “You think Adam saw us the other week?”


I don’t know Kris, you think he cares?”


Tommy.” Kris scolds gently and Tommy sighs.


Sorry, I can’t help it.” Tommy bites his lip before continuing, “You know what? I’m not sorry, why should he care? Why should he get to act like a jealous loser, I’ve been here for months, I’ve done everything except strip down and write I love Adam Lambert on my chest.” Tommy says in frustration and he hears Kris laugh down the phone at him.


Maybe you should have done that.”


He’s so clueless he still wouldn’t have got the hint.”


He hears Kris laugh and then there’s just silence, he knows that Kris understands what he’s going through better than anyone.


You don’t regret it right?” Tommy asks, and hesitates before he clarifies,“the other week I mean.” He hears the faint sigh through the phone before Kris replies.


No, not even for a second.”





Kris is aware of the risk, but he can’t let things go on for much longer the way they are. He doesn’t know what it is about Tommy, but he feels protective of him – despite the fact that Tommy is actually older than him. There was something about Tommy, and Kris didn’t know what that was, but he is convinced if Adam wasn’t a factor their night together could have developed into something else – something more. He could fall in-love with Tommy, and easily too, but Adam’s presence looms that needs to be addressed.


Kris finds Adam’s attitude unreasonable, if not indefensible. Yet, he can bring himself to understand it. That pain in the heart? Just like Tommy, he’s felt it too – every time Adam took up with someone else. Unlike Tommy, he had Katy, so he didn’t have the right to be unhappy with Adam. Same way Adam has no right to be unhappy with Kris and Tommy now.


Kris stands on Adam’s porch for a good five minutes before knocking. He knows this confrontation won’t be easy. He has some things to answer for himself. For one, that he and Katy have been separated for over two months, the divorce is about to come final in about two days, and he still hasn’t told Adam about it. There was also the fact that he felt more comfortable telling Tommy, not Adam.


The door swings open and the start of a smile on Adam’s face quickly turns into a frown when he sees Kris. Kris rolls his eyes at Adam’s pissy attitude.


Kris,” Adam mutters through lips pursed into a thin line.


Don’t give me that shit.” Kris pushes past Adam and walks into the house. On a normal day Kris wouldn’t be able to push past Adam so easily, but Adam is in shock and Kris pushes past him with little effort.


What are you doing here?” Adam asks as his shock gives way to his confusion.


I’m here to tell you what an asshole you are.”


Adam blanches at Kris’ harsh tone.“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”


You don’t know what I’m talking about? So you haven’t been down Tommy’s throat all day? You haven’t been picking apart every little thing he does? You haven’t been glaring at him like he’s a smear of shit on the bottom of your shoe? You haven’t done any of that?”


Adam bites his lip. “Is that what he told you?” he asks.


YES!” Kris yells, and then takes a few deep breaths to calm himself, “But Monte told me first.” Adam flushes at Kris’s admission. No doubt because, if Monte took notice, it is hardly possible to skirt reality. His guitarist usually chooses to stay out of other people’s business.


You saw Tommy and me the other week, right?” Kris asks and Adam’s silence speaks for itself. “I thought so,” Kris continues. “And I understand, Adam. I do. But, you have no right to be angry with Tommy. None at all.”


Adam opens his mouth to argue but Kris holds up his hand. “Shut up, don’t talk, just listen.” The ‘just this once’ goes unsaid, but Kris knows Adam hears it loud and clear from the way Adam’s cheeks flush a deeper shade of red. “Tommy spent the last three months trying to get you to notice him and admit you want him back. You’ve thrown it back in his face and paraded around with other guys in front of him. He has lost faith in you and now, three months later, you don’t get to take this out on him, to be jealous. You have no right.” Adam looks away, but Kris doesn’t stop. At this point, the marble floor might offer more sympathy than Kris can manage. “He did wait Adam, for longer than you deserve, for months. And he just...he just got tired of the wait.”


And you just what? Decided that he should be with you instead?” Adam asks, turning to glare at him.


No Adam, I offered him my friendship. And maybe one night of comfort,” Kris replies honestly. “It’s the friendship, an understanding ear and a shoulder to lean on that mattered.”


Adam just shakes his head back and forth continually. “You’re married Kris. You don’t have the right to offer comfort.” Adam looks away but not before Kris sees the tears stinging Adam’s eyes, “We decided together not to do that, I didn’t want to be the “other guy” and you wouldn’t hurt Katy for anything, we made that decision together, so how come you were willing to hurt her for Tommy and not for me?”


Katy and I have been separated for months Adam.” Kris watches Adam’s eyes widen in shock, “I didn’t intend to hurt her. Couldn’t, I’d said. Well, guess what? I hurt her anyway. Emotional scars are some of the worst kind and I’ve given her plenty.”


Why didn’t you tell me? Did you tell Tommy before ... before ‘it’ happened?” Adam asks when his shock wears off a little bit.


Yeah I told him before...before anything happened. And I just couldn’t tell you. I tried, but, every time the chance came up, I chickened out, or you were too busy.”


But you toldTommy?” Adam asks, his shaky voice uneven and hurt.


Tommy was neutral, but you were harder to face. So much harder, because you are part of the reason it fell apart.”


So it’s my fault?”


No Adam! That’s not what I meant.” Kris sighs before grabbing onto Adam’s hands and rubbing his thumbs back and forth over the skin there, “No one is to blame but me, I decided not to physically cheat on my wife, but I’d already cheated on her emotionally and that’s on me. Katy made the decision to end it because I was too chicken shit to end it myself.”


Kris bites his lip when he finishes, he can’t describe in words the shame he feels for what he put both Adam and Katy through.


So it’s over then? You and Katy, it’s really done?”


Divorce goes through in the next couple of days.” Kris replies with a shrug.


There’s silence after that, all you can hear is the sound of Kris and Adam breathing. Kris watches as the emotions play across Adam’s face as Adam struggles to process everything Kris has just told him.


All of a sudden Adam presses his mouth against Kris’ in a heated kiss. He twists his hands out of Kris’ light grip and brings them up to cup Kris’ face in his hands. He runs his tongue a long Kris’s lips and teeth begging for entrance, while Kris opens his mouth, almost involuntarily, and starts to kiss back before quickly pulling away when he realises what is happening.


No Adam, stop.” Kris urges and Adam is still so close to him he can feel him frown against his neck.


Why? You’re not with Katy anymore, we can finally have this.” There’s a pause where no one says anything and then understanding dawns on Adam’s face. “This is about Tommy isn’t it?” He mutters against Kris’ neck.


Kris nods his head and takes a few steps backwards so he can look Adam in the eye. “Yeah this is about Tommy.”


Adam bites his lip in thought.


Look Adam whether you like it or not Tommy is a part of this now. You and I, we had a long break, but you’ve had Tommy by the balls for the last few months and if I were to just be with you no questions’s going to hurt him and I can’t do that Adam. I won’t. Tommy is too important, to you and to me.”


Adam nods his head in agreement but doesn’t say a word.


If we do this, it has to be all three of us.” The words are out of his mouth before he could stop them. He watches as Adam’s eyes widen in shock and Kris hopes that he hasn’t pushed Adam’s vanilla too far. Adam opens his mouth to say something but Kris presses a finger against his lips. “Don’t say anything until you’re sure. I need to talk to Tommy about this cause I kind of just blurted that out without thinking,”Kris says with a sheepish smile. “But, I don’t take it back. I don’t regret saying it, and I’m pretty sure Tommy will be down with it, but I still need to talk to him. So. I’m going to go do that and you’re going to sit down, think about this and then call me when you know you want it.”


So you do want him like that? Cos you said you offered friendship ...” Adam trails off and Kris sighs.


Yeah Adam, I do. Look Tommy kind of snuck up on me,” Kris admits with an amused huff and Adam can’t help but smile.


Yeah he does that,” Adam agrees.


When we slept together it was just supposed to be one night together and then friendship afterwards. We managed to do just that; it’s been nothing but friendship. But, that doesn’t mean that I don’t want more with him – just like I want more with you.” There’s a long pause after Kris finishes speaking before he says, “I’m going to head out now Adam, I really need to talk to Tommy. Just promise me you’ll think about what I’ve said.”


Kris waits until Adam nods before giving Adam a smile, turning around and walking out the door without waiting to see any more of Adam’s reaction. He hopes that he hasn’t completely fucked up his last chance with Adam.





Kris sits in his car at the front of Tommy’s place for a good ten minutes before getting out. He didn’t lie to Adam, he doesn’t saying what he said, or putting that offer on the table, but he does regret putting it out there before he even asked if it was an option.


Kris walks snail pace to Tommy’s front door. Dave’s car isn’t in the driveway, which he hopes means that Tommy is home alone. He gets to the door and knocks loudly. While waiting, he puts his hands in his pockets and clenches his fingers.


Tommy answers the door and Kris can’t help but smile because Tommy just looks so adorable, his hair is sticking up on all sides and he’s wiping sleep away from his eyes. A smile lights up his face and Kris feels like he’s the only person Tommy can see, it makes him feel all warm inside.


They stand there grinning at each other like a pair of idiots until Kris decides that enough is enough. He worries about having been followed by the paps, but only for a split second. Kris frames Tommy’s face and kisses him hard. Tommy lets out a surprised sound, but soon wraps his arms around Kris’ neck while Kris walks them back into the house. He kicks the door shut and leads Tommy to the sofa, never breaking their kiss. Tommy moans softly and hooks his ankles loosely around Kris’ waist, effectively pulling him closer. Tommy pulls away to breathe and Kris moves his mouth down to press an open mouthed kiss to Tommy’s throat.


Not that I’m complaining but didn’t you say this was just going to be friendship?” Tommy manages to ask when he catches his breath again. Kris sluggishly lifts his head to look Tommy in the eye and he can’t help but notice that Tommy said “you say” not “we say”.


I say?” Kris questions and Tommy flushes.


Well yeah, I never said that was all I wanted, granted I never said I didn’t want it either,”Tommy rambles in reply.


I just thought because of Adam ...”


Tommy frowns, “You know I don’t like labels Kris.”


I know.” Kris whispers quietly.


Do I love Adam? Yeah of course but that doesn’t mean I can’t love you too, I’m sick of people trying to tell me what I can and can’t feel.” Tommy pouts in annoyance but his pout slips easily when Kris kisses his nose.


I wasn’t saying that.”


I know, I’m sorry.” Tommy whispers before pressing his lips to Kris’ in a light kiss. “I just meant that just because I’m in love with Adam doesn’t mean I can’t see us having something.”


Me too.” Kris states firmly and the smile Kris gets in return makes his stomach do flips.


To answer your question, yes I did say that and I meant it at the time but I want more, if you do.” Kris says quietly and watches as Tommy’s brings his hands up to let his fingers trace lightly over Kris’s cheeks, Kris loves the feel of the calloused fingers against his skin.


I do want it.” Tommy pauses. “But, I kinda get the impression that’s not all this is about.”


Kris smiles at Tommy’s words, it constantly amazes him how perceptive Tommy is. Kris knows Tommy’s had a hard time of it, that some people have called him stupid because of his comments on twitter, or whatever other stupid reason, but those people don’t get a chance to see Tommy. The real Tommy. They don’t notice that when he’s being quiet, it’s not because he’s not smart enough to include himself, it’s just that he’d rather watch people and get to know the answers a different way. It doesn’t surprise Kris that Tommy noticed something is off: not really.


I went to see Adam tonigh,” Kris blurts out and Tommy raises an eyebrow.


He kissed me.” Kris bites his lip and waits for Tommy’s reaction.




Anyone else wouldn’t see it, but Kris has spent so much time with Tommy these last couple of weeks that he recognizes his ticks. Tommy’s body clenches for moment and, just as quickly Kris senses it, the reaction is gone. However, the way Tommy snatches his hand back from Kris’ face, sits more rigidly, pulls away so they are no longer touching, and his eyes....if nothing else, his eyes will always give him away. It’s now obvious to Kris that his offer to Adam had been the right move, if Tommy’s reaction is any indication, and God knows what would happen if it had been more than that.


I pushed him away,” Kris says.


Tommy’s eyes widen in shock. “Kris, what? No, you can’t keep happiness away just because of me. I can live with not having Adam, and I can live with not having you, but I cannot live with making either one of you completely miserable. I can’t. I won’t. You both mean too much”


Kris is struck by how incredibly selfless Tommy is. “Well it would hurt me to know that I hurt you, and I can’t do that,”Kris counters. “Besides I’ve realized you mean as much to me as Adam does, which, to be honest, is a little scary since I’ve only known you for a couple of weeks.”


Tommy just sits and gapes at him, but Kris is relieved to see some of the despair leave his eyes.


So I told Adam that if he wanted me, he had to have you too.”


Huh?” Tommy questions, like he couldn’t have heard right.


You know, like a ménage-a-trois? All of us together,” Kris prattles on.


Now Tommy just looks amused.


Tell me you caught his expression on camera,” Tommy says with glee and Kris laughs, but still picks up a cushion and hits Tommy with it.


What? Mister Label would have had a mini fit. God forbid people don’t fit into categories that society has set for them,” Tommy says with a grin, so Kris knows he doesn’t mean any harm.


He had a mini freak out, but I think most of it was internal and I left him alone to think about it,” Kris admits.


Tommy groans in displeasure. “Great! Now, I’m the one who has to deal with him at rehearsal tomorrow.”


Kris laughs softly. “You’ll be fine, he’ll be so busy thinking about the possibilities that he’ll just ignore you.” Tommy just rolls his eyes.


There’s a long pause as the two sit together in a comfortable silence, content to just sit and be with each other, no words needed, when Tommy pops up eagerly. “You really mean it? You want all of us together.”


Yeah I really mean it.”





Tommy feels at ease when he gets to rehearsal the following day. He knows where he stands now, everything could completely blow up in his face, but it doesn’t really matter because he’s secure in the fact that he has Kris. And even though Adam and Kris kissed yesterday, they both stopped because of him, because they love him – Tommy can’t describe how good that feels.


Adam is nervous though, Tommy can tell, and the unsure looks darting between them from Adam have not gone unnoticed given the ‘what the fuck’ face Monte just made at him. Tommy knows that he needs to get Adam alone, so he can calm his nerves and assure him that everything is ok - that it’s not just Kris who wants this.


They take a break about twenty minutes in, and Tommy watches as Adam walks outside as soon as the break starts. His shoulders are tense, but Tommy follows him with no hesitation. When he finds Adam, he stops to watch him for a few seconds. Adam looks so gorgeous. Tommy loves Adam’s freckles, he wants to play connect the dots with them using his tongue. Tommy shakes himself out of his stare, walks up behind Adam, wraps his arms around Adam’s waist and rests his cheek on Adam’s shoulder. Adam jumps slightly but Tommy just tightens his grip.


Tommy.” Adam whispers, and Tommy smiles because Adam doesn’t even have to turn around to know that its him.


Stop thinking so hard,” Tommy squeezes Adam as he speaks. “This is a good thing Adam.”


But ...” Adam starts to speak, but stops when Tommy spins him around and places two fingers against his lips.


Adam you need to stop letting other people run your life. Fuck everyone else, its only you that matters.”


Adam sighs deeply and looks down.


Adam!” Tommy says, forcefully so that Adam will look at him. “I love you.” He states simply and watches as a smile unconsciously takes over Adam’s face. He leans up on his tippy toes and kisses the smile away. It’s a soft kiss, at first, just a press of lips together, but Adam grabs Tommy by the neck, pulls him close, and pushes his tongue against Tommy’s lips demanding entrance. Tommy moans softly and opens his mouth to let Adam take charge of their tongues for a few seconds, before reluctantly pulling away. Adam rests his forehead against Tommy’s until he catches his breath.


I love you too.” Adam breathes out quietly and Tommy gives him a bright smile.


And you love Kris,” Tommy points out. Adam frowns with worry, so he continues, “there’s nothing wrong with that, Adam. You’re allowed to be in love with more than one person.” Tommy speaks gently hoping to get his point across.


But everyone else...”


Fuck everyone else!” Tommy snaps and then takes a deep breath to calm down. “Adam, if you love Kris and I, then nothing else matters. Everyone else that you care about will be happy, as long as you are happy.”


Adam swallows thickly when Tommy finishes talking.


I love you, Kris loves you and we are coming pretty close to loving each other and that’s enough for us, you need to decide if that’s enough for you,” Tommy says.


Adam bites his lip and nods in understanding. “Guess I better figure it out soon, you guys won’t always be around huh?”


Adam, we’ll wait for you forever.” Tommy leaves to go inside after that but not before giving Adam a hug and a kiss on the cheek, leaving a stunned Adam in his wake.






Tommy and Kris are jamming at Kris’ place when they hear a knock on the door. They both freeze for a few seconds and look at each other; there’s hope in their eyes.


You think?” Kris asks hesitantly.


Only one way to find out!” Tommy jumps up, while Kris laughs. Tommy has been much happier since the rehearsal two days ago, and Kris isn’t exactly sure what happened. Sure Tommy told him about it, but Kris can’t pinpoint the change in Tommy: he feels like Tommy is hopeful again.


Tommy gets to the front door and Kris jogs to catch up to him. Adam is standing on the other side. He offers both of them a hesitant smile, and Kris beams back at him. Tommy just breathes out Adam’s name with joy before throwing his arms around Adam’s neck, not even caring that there could be paps lurking. Adam smiles softly, buries his nose into Tommy’s hair wraps his arms around Tommy’s waist and picks him up to move him into the house. Kris smirks, he knows that Adam is always conscious of the paps these days.


Adam kicks the door closed behind him and slides his hands down to cup Tommy’s ass-and lifts him higher. Tommy wraps his legs around Adam’s waist but won’t make the first move. Kris watches the scene unfolding before him; he knows that Tommy needs Adam to make the first move.


Adam finallyseals his mouth over Tommy’s hungrily. Tommy kisses back with matching enthusiasm; he grips Adam’s shoulders, while Adam tugs at his hair -- hard. Tommy moans loudly and Adam smirks against his lips. “Meanie, you know all my weaknesses,” Tommy moves back slightly to whisper. Adam laughs softly and brushes his fingers against Tommy’s cheeks.


Tommy smiles back, drops his legs from Adam’s waist, and Adam helps him stand but keeps his hands on Tommy’s waist as they both look over at Kris.


Hey,” Adam says shyly.


Hey yourself. I’m glad you’re here,” Kris says, his voice is soft and a smile graces his face. “You want this for real?” he asks.


Yea,” Adam says quietly and, when Tommy covers Adam’s hand on his waist with his own and squeezes gently in support, he continues. “I thought about it really hard and I came to the conclusion that, even if I wanted to, I couldn’t choose between the two of you. I figured that out fairly early, it just took me a while to accept that I didn’t have to choose.”


And you’re okay now?” Kris asked.


Yeah, I’m okay now. I’m ready.”


They all go quiet after that, just taking in that this is actually happening when all of them had doubts that it ever would.


Tommy breaks the silence, “So can we have sex now?”


Adam snorts and Kris pulls Tommy into a kiss.


Yeah, we can have sex now. Bedroom?”


Tommy nods his head at Kris’ question then he clutches at Adam’s fingers before following Kris into the bedroom.


Nice bed, Kris,” Adam notes, his lips curled into a knowing smirk. The bed is huge, too huge for someone Kris’s petite size. Kris laughs like he was caught red-handed – which he was, he picked the bed out with naughty thoughts in mind.


It used to be much smaller, but then Tommy started sleeping over,” Kris explains and Tommy shrugs his shoulders defensively. “Plus it really wasn’t big enough for two people let alone three,” Kris finally admits.


There is a shift in the mood and the air becomes charged. Tommy rolls his eyes when the other two just stand there and do nothing. He lets them have their staring match and watches them shift uncomfortably from one foot to the other. Tommy shakes his head and starts to pull his clothes off.


Are you two just going to stand there all night?” Tommy asks and they turn around to the sight of Tommy naked. Adam swallows thickly, while Kris just moves forward and presses himself against Tommy, kissing him gently.


You’re so impatient,” Kris comments.


You don’t usually complain about that,” Tommy replies and starts unbuttoning Kris’ shirt. He pushes the shirt off and reaches for the tank top Kris wears underneath next, so that he can run his hands all over Kris’ chest and just explores a little bit before moving lower, toward Kris’ pants. Adam’s hands get there first! And Adam already has the buttons on Kris’ jeans undone and now slides the zipper down slowly. Tommy looks up to see Adam staring at him, he grins and shifts his eyes lower to get a look at Adam’s naked chest, running his tongue over his lips at the sight (Adam always knew when to bring it). Tommy knows a trick, or two, to get a moan out of Kris above the belt line, so he makes patterns with his fingers on Kris’ stomach. Sure enough, Kris whimpers.


Tommy lets Adam undress Kris and walks backwards toward the bed, letting himself fall on his back when his knees hit the edge. He moves up slowly until his is lying against the pillows and watches as Adam pulls Kris into a hungry kiss. It’s like being at a porn studio except the sounds are real, and both men are about to get into bed with you and fuck you silly. Tommy can’t imagine a better day.


Adam and Kris finally pull apart, and Adam crawls onto the bed, on top of Tommy.


I love the feel of you over me like this,” Tommy whispers, his arms wrapped around Adam’s shoulders. They stay like that for a few moments before Adam sighs against Tommy’s neck. “Me too Baby.”


Kris runs his fingers up and down Adam’s back before settling into place next to Adam and Tommy, on his side so he is accessible.


How do you want to do this?” Kris asks softly, a hint of nerves dousing his question. He’s never done anything like this before and as much as he wants it, he isn’t sure how to go about it.


Tommy’s eyes drift down Kris’ body and linger on his fully erect cock. Tommy licks his lips hungrily.


Oh! I know what you want,” Kris says, tilting his head to look up at Adam, “He such a cock slut.”


Is that right?” Adam teases, eyebrow raised, as a blush spreads across Tommy’s face. “Is he any good?”Adam asks Kris.


He’s sinfully good,” Kris licks his lips as if to stop from drooling.


Adam smiles. “That’s high praise, Tommy.”


Oh, shut up you two! So, maybe I like to suck cock,” Tommy pouts.


Adam grins before leaning down for another kiss. “That so isn’t something that I’m going to complain about baby.”


So I really want to fuck you, that okay for you?” Adam asks, voice husky and hoarse with desire. Tommy just stares at him, and Adam is surprised at the hint of shyness in his eyes, but, there is also heat in those eyes and Tommy’s breath hitches as he looks over to Kris briefly. Kris nods, no hesitation. “Please,” Tommy whimpers.


Adam slides onto his knees and moves Tommy into position. Tommy ends up with a knee either side of Kris’s body, lined up so his face is over Kris’ groin, his face buried in the musky scent of Kris’ pubic hair and the only sound that can be heard is Kris’soft moan.


Adam runs his hands up and down Tommy’s back before resting on Tommy’s ass and kneading the round flesh.


Suck him. Now, Tommy,” Adam says firmly, and Tommy shudders with excitement at the direct command.


Tommy can see the ridges and veins along the length of Kris’ erection. He leans down and traces the path of one turgid vein with the tip of his tongue. The sensation makes Kris squeeze his eyes shut, and let out a breathy moan. Tommy licks his way back up to the head of Kris’ cock, where a pearly droplet appears at the top, and Tommy licks his lips hungrily before leaning over and lapping up the drop. Kris’ breaths are coming in short, restless gasps and Tommy can hear Adam making soft appreciative noises behind him. Kris tastes salty and earthy and smells faintly of cinnamon and Tommy loves it. He stops teasing and wraps his mouth around the head of Kris’ cock, sucking greedily.


While Tommy is preoccupied, Adam coats his fingers with lube and quickly pushes a finger into Tommy’s hole. Tommy lets out a loud moan that vibrates around Kris’ cock and cause Kris to thrust deeper into the warm heat of Tommy’s mouth.


Tommy thrusts his ass toward Adam’s fingers and sucks harder on Kris’ cock, relaxing his throat to take more and more of Kris.


Adam slowly works Tommy open, inserting and scissoring two fingers until his hole opens up, making sure to hit Tommy’s prostate with every thrust of his fingers.


Tommy slides his mouth back up Kris’ cock and lets go with an obscene pop. He turns his head to the side, runs his cheek over the tip of Kris’ cock and lets out a ragged breath.


Adam ... more.” Tommy manages to puff out between deep breaths, before sliding his mouth back down Kris’ cock and taking all of him down in one big mouthful, Kris groans loudly, grabs at Tommy’s hair and starts to thrust into his mouth.


Adam adds another finger and continues to open Tommy up.


Adam,” Kris moans loudly, and Adam leans over the top of Tommy to lick his way into Kris’ mouth, sucking hungrily at his tongue.


Ad-am, he doesn’t n-eed any more pr-ep. He’s re-ady,” Kris manages stammer.


Adam frowns slightly.


Trust me Adam, he likes it a little rough,” Kris tells him. As if to prove Kris’ point, Tommy starts to hum around the flesh in his mouth and thrusts his ass up toward Adam.


Okay.” Adam covers his cock with a condom and smothers lube all over it. He knows how hard it is to take his cock for the first time, when it’s so big and you’re unaccustomed to it, and he’s not just being egotistical, he’s been told that before.


He thrusts into Tommy’s body with one deep slow thrust, while Tommy arches his back and cries out around Kris’ cock. Adam stays still for a few minutes to let Tommy get used to him. He lets out a groan and closes his eyes tightly when Tommy’s inner muscles clench around his cock.


Yeah he’s a little impatient,” Kris teases.


If you can still talk, he’s not doing his job properly,” Adam grunts as he thrusts into Tommy.


Kris tightens his grip in Tommy’s hair and starts to thrust into Tommy’s mouth with abandon. His cock hits the back of Tommy’s throat with each thrust and Tommy doubles his efforts, not willing to let Adam have the last words on the matter, he plays with Kris’ balls until Kris can’t utter a single coherent word.


So close,” Kris whimpers as he tries to hold off his orgasm.


Come Kris. Now!” Adam demands in a tone that rips right through Kris and settles on his aching cock. Kris thrusts forward one more time and his back arches high as he lets out a low moan and comes down Tommy’s throat.

Tommy feels Kris’ shaft vibrate against his tongue and the warm cream fills Tommy’s mouth, he swallows hungrily and then sucks Kris dry, drinking every last drop. He moans with pleasure at the taste and at the feel of Adam’s cock thrusting into him. He finally lets go of Kris’ cock and rests his cheek against Kris’ thigh, taking deep breaths as he continues to thrust back in time with Adam.


Adam slips out of Tommy, and Tommy lets out a long whine at the sudden loss. “Adddam...” he protests loudly.


Adam moves back to rest against the headboard and pulls Tommy onto his lap, slipping into him easily again. Tommy moans, then sighs in relief at being filled up again. He wraps his arms around Adam’s neck as Adam thrusts into him.


I want you riding me,” Adam growls, and Tommy lets out a whimper, and starts to move. Adam helps him out, lifting Tommy and pulling him back down, to make sure he gets in as deep as possible with each stroke.


Tommy shifts his body so he can use his feet to push himelf up. He manages to take Adam even deeper than before. Adam lets out a strangled groan before leaning up to kiss Tommy’s hungrily, sliding his tongue against Tommy’s and panting heavily against his mouth. Tommy breaks the kiss, moves his mouth down Adam’s throat and sucks a mark hungrily into the skin there, biting and sucking repeatedly as Adam gets closer and closer to release.


Kris moves closer and runs his fingers across Adam’s neck and shoulders. Adam shudders at the feel of Kris calloused fingers against his skin, while Tommy’s hot little body in his lap takes everything Adam gives him.


Kris presses his body closer to Adam and whispers in his ear. “Isn’t he beautiful?” Kris asks softly looking at Tommy, who has his head thrown back and his fringe sticking to his forehead.


Adam moans, desperately close to coming, but still manages to nod his head.


And he just feels so good around you doesn’t he? You just want to stay there forever and he makes you feel like you could too, he’s so ... fucking perfect.” Kris murmurs in rhythm to Adam’s deep breaths and Tommy’s guttural moans.


He wants you to come. He wants to feel your cock shudder inside of him. He wants it so bad,” Kris says, and if the latter bits was said louder, and if it caused Tommy to clench and unclench his hole around Adam, well, that was not Kris’ fault, was it?


Yes Adam...want to feel you come...please, please...please,” Tommy begs and whimpers.


It’s more than Adam can take. Kris’ prodding and Tommy’s pleading combine to undo him. He feels his balls tighten and he comes with a loud groan.


Adam comes off the high after his orgasm and he carefully lifts Tommy from his body while holding onto the condom. He lays Tommy down between himself and Kris, ties the condom and throws it into the trash can by the desk across the room.


When he turns back, Kris is pressed up against Tommy’s side, his hand wrapped around Tommy’s cock, jerking him off. Tommy pants heavily and arches his back – thrusting into Kris’ fist, trying to get more – desperate for his release.


Adam cuddles up next to Tommy from the other side and starts to tug and pull at his balls. He slides down the bed to kiss and suck, and gently bite, Tommy’s nipples.


Tommy moans and, when Adam pulls away, Tommy lets out a sound of protest. Adam moves back up so his shaky breaths caress Tommy’s ears and his hands draw a trail along Tommy’s torso until they stop to play with Tommy’s nipples. He tweaks them, and rolls them between the pads of his fingers, until Tommy is shuddering from the attention.


You’re so beautiful.” Adam whispers into Tommy’s ear. “I love watching you come apart like this, all because of me, and Kris.”


Tommy whimpers with want; with the fucking need to come.


I love you so much, so much.” Adam whispers. “Want to make you feel good Tommy, want to make you feel so good. Will you come for me baby? Come for me. Come for Kris.”


Tommy’s moans get louder and Adam feels Tommy’s spurt reach his fingers as Tommy’s body shakes with the force of his orgasm.


Tommy turns to press his face into Adam’s chest as his heaving slows to a normal breath, and Adam feels Tommy smile against his chest. Adam just pulls Tommy tight against his chest and only lets him go when Kris comes back with a wet cloth to clean them off.


Kris runs the cloth over Tommy’s body and Tommy smiles lovingly at Kris. “You take such good care of me.”


Kris leans down to press a kiss to Tommy’s forehead. “Someone has to.”


Kris walks off to put the cloth in the bathroom. When he comes back, he crawls into the bed and pulls the covers over the three of them.


Tommy looks blearily up at Adam.


Go to sleep baby,” Adam tells him, “I’ll be here in the morning, you’ll be in my arms all night long.”


Tommy falls to sleep with a smile on his face and the safety of being squished between two men.


Kris?” Adam asks quietly after Tommy’s been asleep for a few moments.




Tommy’s insecurities ...”


They aren’t too bad Adam. It’s more like he can’t believe that one of us would want him, let alone both of us.” Kris pauses. “I think he had a bad experience where his trust was betrayed. I half expect him to feel like either one of us is going to ask him to leave at any moment.”


Adam lets out a distressed noise.


Hey!” Kris says, and reaches over Tommy to give Adam’s shoulder a reassuring squeeze. “We just have to show him that we love him and that we don’t want him to leave. We just need to show him that every day and I think we can earn his trust. It’ll take a long time but as long as you’re not going anywhere, that’s not going to be an issue.” Kris states firmly and runs his fingers through a sleeping Tommy’s hair.


I’m not going anywhere, ever.” Adam replies. “What do we do now?” Adam asks hesitantly. “How do we make this work?”


I don’t know Adam, we’ll figure it out in the morning.”




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